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Our bread spreads complement our extensive range of breads and bakery products and have become household staples at the breakfast table.


Auntie Rosie’s Original Homestyle Kaya and Auntie Rosie’s Natural Pandan Kaya


The Group has developed a line of bread spreads to complement its wide range of breads and bakery products.

In Singapore, Ben Foods has a range of spreads comprising of Cowhead Butter, Cowhead Hazelnut Spread, Cowhead Dandelion Spread (soft margarine) and Cowhead Cream Cheese Spread.

In 1997, Gardenia Malaysia launched Auntie Rosie’s line of kaya spreads. This comprised the Original Homestyle Kaya and Natural Pandan Kaya spread which have become very popular with young and old alike.

To cater to the demand for competitively-priced, tasty and quality bread spreads, Gardenia Malaysia also developed and launched two new and exciting chocolate spreads in 2015. They are the rich-tasting and creamy Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Delicia Milky Chocolate Spread. The spreads were initially launched on a small scale and were so well received that the products are now sold in over 14,000 outlets in Malaysia.

As part of Gardenia Philippines’ expansion into the non-bread category, the company introduced Gardenia Malaysia’s Delicia chocolate spread into the local Philippine market in 2017.

Cowhead Cream Cheese Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate, Delicia Milky Chocolate, and Cowhead Butter