Our Businesses


Our bakery operations cover Singapore, Malaysia,
the Philippines and Australia. We produce both
branded packaged bread, as well as a wide range of frozen and par baked specialty French-style breads and pastries.

Unpackaged Bread

Bakers Maison store, Quezon City, Philippines


Gardenia also caters to the unpackaged bread market through its franchised retail businesses Big Smile Bread Station, a neighbourhood community bakery chain, and Bakers Maison, an artisanal bakery chain offering French-style breads and pastries.

Big Smile Bread Station, Rizal, Philippines
Bakers Maison café in Sydney’s Central Business District
Gluten Free white rolls


Bakers Maison Australia produces a full range of traditional French-style par and fully baked frozen breads, pastries and sweets. Located in Sydney, Australia, Baker Maison Australia supplies to the food service sector comprising of hotels, restaurants, food caterers, airlines, cafes, convenience stores, canteens, and supermarkets.

Bakers Maison Australia's products are distributed throughout the country, as far as Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territories. Products include variants of baguette, batards, bread rolls, mixed pastries and sweets.

Bakers Maison Australia also operates the Bakers Maison bakery café in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The café serves a selection of Bakers Maison’s most popular baked goods, sandwiches and salads together with its own blend of specialty roasted coffee. Bakers Maison Australia currently operates two plants in Sydney. 

Bakers Maison’s factories in Australia, with solar panels installed on the rooftops