NEO IS China's first
original public chain

NEO, former name—Antshares, is China's first ever original and open source public chain project, which was founded in 2014
and launched on Github in June, 2015. Ever since it was founded, NEO’s team has experienced many ups and downs in the
blockchain industry as well as digital currency market, and the government’s changeable/unclear policies. Nevertheless, we
believe that technology is the force that motivates the development of the world. Pushing forward by the tide, we will step into
a new era of “smart economy.”


In this smart economy society, we will make a huge leap from “information internet,” to “value internet,” then to “order internet.”
Once substantial economy and digital economy connects seamlessly, all exchanges among assets could have perfect liquidity.
There wouldn’t be any trust issues in any exchanges of values and activities related to economics. The rules and policies of
the society and organizations would be transparent and fair. The world would become a much better place.


Explore the NEO ecosystem, get up-to-date statistics and track our progress as we move into the future.






real-time number
of blocks


days since main
net is launched


Through technologies such as P2P network, dBFT consensus, digital certificate,
Superconducting Transactions and cross-chain interoperability, NEO blockchain enables one
to manage smart assets in a fast, efficient, safe and certified manner.


June 2014

Antshares project initiated,seed-round fund received

June 2014

Weangel, Antshares front-end service platform launched

August 2014

Antshares team and operating company formed

June 2015

Antshares started on Github as an real time open source project

July 2015

8btc, btc38 covers Antshares with an article titiled "Be Uber of securities market,Antshares helps you transact ownership"

September 2015

Antshares blockchain whitepaper officially released

October 2015

First phase ICO with 2100btc funded in total, full report from Chinese main blockchain media 8btc and btc38.

November 2015

first phase ICO with 2100btc funded in total, full report from Chinese main blockchain media 8btc and btc38.

April 2016

dBFT-China's first orignial consensus mechanism released

May 2016

Antshares recruit more talents including Tony Tao, the current CEO

June 2016

Antshares sponsors 2016 Global Blockchain summit

July 2016

Anshares becomes Hyperledger's 3rd project

July 2016

China's mainstream financial media CCTV2 reported Anshares

August 2016

second phase of global ICO with 6119 btc raised

August 2016,the first Antshares' community organized by Antshares fans incepted

September 2016

KPMG released Top 50 fintech innovation companies in China, Antshares in on the list. Other companies on the list include Antfinance (of Alibaba),Webank(from Tencent).

October 2016

Mainnet of Antshares' blockchain launched!

October 2016

the first blockchain browser based on Antshares launched

October 2016

ANS available on yunbi,yuanbao,19800,bittrex

October 2016

Antshares is on list of the Top 10 blockchain platform, announced by a fintech conference in China

October 2016

Antshares built comprehensive and strategic cooperation with Wings. The two will jointly explore the market and blockchain technology.

November 2016

Whitepaper on general light-weight AVM(Antshares Virtual Machine) released

December 2016

Antshares built cooperation with Mngo VR, an game developer.An effort to explore game+blockchain

February 2017, the first smart contract assets transfer platform on Antshares.

February 2017, a new blockch browser on Antshares released

February 2017, the official website of Nest,an Antshares-based Smart fund launched

May 2017

2017.5Hold blockchain development competition" with Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and Innospace.

June 2017

New Antshares brand strategy release conference.


  • Da Hongfei

    NEO Founder@dahongfei
  • Zhang Zhengwen

    Founder & Core developer@neoerikzhang
  • Tao Rongqi

    Secretary General
  • Zhao Cheng

    Overseas Community Operations@blkchnzc
  • You Xinfei

    Media Relationship Maintenance
  • Dong Guohua

    Community Operations
  • Chen Zhitong


The community members mentioned above include the co-founder of NEO Da Hongfei, the other co-founder and core developer Zhang Zhengwen, the Secretary General Tao Rongqi, and other community developers, operators and contributors. Here, we sincerely and warmly welcome domestic and overseas talent to join us at any time to build the bright future of NEO community.